Our Philosophy


“Die Goldenen Schlüssel” is a member of the international association “Les Clefs d’Or”, which is officially registered as the “Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hôtels” (UICH). It is an international network of hotel concierges with common interests and goals. Our organisation is non-political and non-religious; it does not belong to a trade union. Les Clefs d’Or, and hence also “Die Goldenen Schlüssel”, is about much more than that. Our organisation aims to assist national and international travellers throughout the world, making their stay in our hotels and cities an extraordinary experience. It is also about our profession which, for so many of us, is truly our vocation, and how it will develop in future. It is about promoting young colleagues, networking, engaging in exchange and honing our skills. Above all, however, it is about friendship, reflected not only in our daily collaboration, but also in initiatives such as our social welfare fund that provides assistance to members who are too ill to work or in need of support. Friendship is what essentially shapes us, as our slogan shows: In Service through Friendship.





Unsere Vision


„Wir, die Hotelconcierges der Goldenen Schlüssel Deutschland e.V.

setzen ständig neue Maßstäbe und sind zu jeder Zeit bereit neue Wege zu gehen,

um unseren Gästen stets einen individuellen und maßgeschneiderten Service zu bieten.“

Unsere Mission

  • Nachwuchsförderung, Weiterbildung (HMCA), Educational Part
  • Events und Kongresse zur Förderung der Gemeinschaft und des Erfahrungsaustauschs auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene
  • Das Leben insbesondere folgender Werte:
  • Respekt
  • Ehrlichkeit
  • Zuverlässigkeit
  • Vertrauen
  • Engagement
  • Bewährtes erhalten/Basis des Berufs bewahren (=traditionsbewusst)
  • Gästebindung
  • Es gibt kein Nein!

Our Key Values

When so many people collaborate as we do in our seven sections, it is important to agree on a few simple principles. The aim of these principles is to help us to remember the most important aspects about how we treat our guests and friends – even when things get hectic. For this reason, we have agreed that each and every one of us, at all times ...



Our Key Values are:


  • is an ambassador of “Die Goldenen Schlüssel”, and therefore a representative of our profession
  • is proud of his or her professional appearance, choice of words and conduct
  • acts discretely, sincerely and honestly
  • knows his or her city, hotel and guests
  • takes every opportunity to create very personal moments for each guest
  • uses, maintains and appreciates our network