Our History


Our umbrella organisation was founded in autumn 1929 by Pierre Quentin, who was Head Concierge of the Hotel Ambassador in Paris at the time. Together with ten or so colleagues, it was agreed that they would join forces, effectively pooling their knowledge and contacts. What started out in France, followed by Sweden and the Netherlands, developed into “L’Union Européenne des Portiers des Grands Hotels (UEPGH)” in April 1952 under the patronage of Ferdinand Gillet (Chief Concierge of the Hôtel Scribe in Paris). Altogether nine founder countries were members of the organisation at the time. By 1970, 16 countries belonged to the association. In the meantime, the “Golden Keys” had also been adopted as the organisation’s symbol. At the 20th International Congress in 1972, the association changed from a purely European organisation to an international one, enabling countries such as Canada, Singapore and Brazil to obtain membership. At the 42nd International Congress in January 1995, the organisation was officially renamed the “Union Internationale des Clefs d’Or” and later the “Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hotels Les Clefs d’Or”. The German member association was founded in November 1952 under the name “Die Goldenen Schlüssel e.V.”. Our world-wide association now has almost 4,000 members from more than 45 countries.





Our Chronicle


Creation of the Association

November 01st-02nd, Ritter's Parkhotel Bad Homburg




December 12th-24th General Meeting of G.S.D. (Golden Keys Germany) in conjunction with the International Congress in San Remo



November 24th-27th Theodor GOEDDE was elected at the International Congress in Paris for the 1st Vice President of U.E.P.G.H.

December 04th-05th General Meeting of G.S.D. in Karlsruhe



Introduction of widows supply.



November 01st-03rd General Meeting of G.S.D. voted in Nuremberg Theodor GOEDDE for president again. Introduction of sections and section leaders. These are ADVISORY Bureau.



International meeting in Berlin



November 13th-14th General Meeting of G.S.D. in Wiesbaden



November 22nd-25th General Meeting of G.S.D. in Stuttgart. At the same 10-year anniversary of G.S.D.



General Meeting of G.S.D. 06.- 08 January in Hanover



Election of Theodor GÖDDE the International President of UEPGH in February in Brussels



Death of Theodor GÖDDE September 29


Germany International Congress postponed. Hermann SCHNEIDER interim president of G.S.D.



in July the conversion U.E.P.G.H. in U.I.P.G.H. Oskar WIRTH successor of Th. GÖDDE as International President


General Meeting of G.S.D. 06.-08th November in Hamburg, led by interim President H. SCHNEIDER



General Meeting of G.S.D. 24.- March 27 in Berlin. Walter FREYTAG elected as the new National President.


Publishing its own newspaper over black PUBLISHER decided. 1st Edition November 1972nd



International Congress U.I.P.G.H. 15.- 20 November Munich. General D.G.S. embedded therein. 12. 02. foundation section RHEIN-MAIN section chief: Horst Köhler



April Bureau / Section Head meetings in Munich


General Meeting of G.S.D. 06.- 09 November in Frankfurt


Election Bureau: President: Walter FREYTAG Vice President: Horst Köhler Honorary President: Arthur BAUMANN.



Agreement on cooperation of the two professional associations GSD / A.I.C.R. Germany - Bureau / Section Leaders meeting in Wiesbaden in April



Bureau / Section Leaders meeting in Copenhagen in May at boarding school. Congress U.I.P.G.H. November: 25th anniversary of G.S.D. Introduction of the badge of honor for 25 years of membership.



General Meeting of G.S.D. In Baden-Baden 09-12th Febr November.


Visit the Clefs d'Or Spain in Munich to the International Congress of Vienna.



January Vice President Horst Köhler created vocational training plan for porter, which is endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce.


January visit to the Italian colleagues VERONA in Munich. Cooperation between G.S.D. and V.D.R. decided.



General Meeting of G.S.D. in Dusseldorf 03 -06. January 24. + 25.05. Founding Section Nordbayern



General Meeting of G.S.D. in NÜNRNBERG 06 -10. January 30 the same year anniversary of the GSD Bureau election - President: Walter FREYTAG Vice President: Horst Köhler Treasurer: Anselm MAGEL



Section Head-session D.G.S. 05. -07. March Brenners Park Hotel BADEN-BADEN


Visit G.S.D. in Geneva, and Interlaken, at the invitation of President Richard A. LENDL Hotel Du Rhone 06 -10. October



09 - March 11 ATLANTIC HOTEL HAMBURG celebrates its 50th anniversary of his professional chief porters Oskar schweser, along with his colleagues GSD



International Congress U.I.P.G.H. in Munich 05 -11. January


Walter FREYTAG is the 3rd Vice-President UIPGH appointed.


January 10th General Assembly of the G.S.D. the Congress UIPGH Munich at the Hotel Continental.


28. 03 - 01.04. INTERNATIONAL MEETING CONCIERGE and seminar with GSD in Budapest. Set up a workshop at international congresses under MOTTO: Les Clefs d'Or dans la Hotelliere you Mondeú first 05 to 10 November.


33. Congress UIPGH Sorrento. 05 - 07:12.


1st Seminar of I.C.I. International Concierge Institute in Germany FRANKFURT Hotel INTERCONTINENTAL organization: Horst Köhler, Vice-President.



17.- July 21 General Assembly of the G.S.D. in HAMBURG Vice President H. Köhler resigns for health reasons.


Bureau election - President: Walter FREYTAG Vice President: Gerhard BEYER Treasurer: Anselm MAGEL office management: Thilde LADDER


NOVEMBER 20: Walter FREYTAG is the 2nd Vice-President UIPG. appointed in isarel the International Congress.



Special seminar I.C.I. Chief porters in Baden-Baden - People management



2. Seminar I.C.I. Munich 17.- February 20 Hotel Bayr. Hof, organization: Walter Freytag, President.


MARCH 28: Newly elected board section Rhein-Main, Head of Section: Walter Scharf Deputy Head of Section: Hermann Mayr


11.- August 14: General Assembly of the G.S.D. BRENNERS PARK HOTEL in Baden-Baden.



 3. I.C.I. Seminar in Hamburg Hotel FOUR SEASONS 21 -23. January Organisation: Vice-President Gerhard BEYER


16.- AUGUST 19: General Assembly of the G.S.D. in Berlin, Hotel Schweizer Hof. Unanimous re-election of the incumbent Presidency. Meeting, contact with colleagues from East Germany.



Congress U.I.P.G.H. in GOTHENBURG 04.- January 10 Walter FREYTAG is elected International President UIPGH.



40-Janre Clefs d'Or. Great reception at the Royal Hall of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich


4. I.C.I. Seminar 21.- February 23 in Berlin, headed by Vice-President Gerhard BEYER


21.- 24.07 .: General of the GOLDEN KEY GERMANY Stuttgart Sektionsleiter HD Schefold Hotel FONTANA September Newly elected Bureau of the Section Nuremberg, Mr. Ralph HOFFMANN Section Head



Section Head-session in Nuremberg from 19 to 21 March at the Hotel ATRIUM


At the 41st International Conference in Singapore from 10 to 14 December, the reigning after 2 years International President is scheduled according deselected and appointed to the Panel of the Wise.



5. I.C.I. Seminar 14. -16.01. in Dresden Hilton hotel: line Vice President G. BEYER


21.- 23:07. General Assembly of the Golden Key Germany in Munich Election of the Bureau Saturday 23 07 Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski, MUNICH election: President: David LANGARTNER vice president: Raffaele SORRENTINO Honorary President: Walter FREYTAG



23.- 27. 04. Menu & Logis Frankfurt Director: Walter Scharf


20. + 21. 10. Section Head session Brenners Park Hotel Baden-Baden 01:12. Nuremberg: Board Ralf Hoffmann changed. Section Nordbayern without Section Head



29.03. Founding Section Saxony in Dresden Head of Section: Dietmar Leibnitz, Dresden Hilton Hotel.


18 -21. 07: Meeting in Wiesbaden Hotel Nassauer Hof


20:07. General election of a new Vice President Dietmar Leibnitz, Dresden Hilton Hotel, champagne. Ltr. Dresden



24.05 .: Sektionsleiter session Hotel Breidenbacher Hof, Dusseldorf



21.- February 22: 7 ICI seminar at the Hotel Adlon, Berlin Direction: Mr. Jacques leaves (Switzerland)


09 to 13:07. National conference in Cologne, Hotel 3 Kronen (colleague Rapp) General 11:07. the Maritim Hotel Köln-section chief Wolfgang Wendsche, Steigenberger Parkhotel Dusseldorf election bureau for 4 years - President: David LANGARTNER Vice President Dietmar LEIBNITZ Treasurer: HJ Benkwitz office management: Thilde LADDER

September publication FLYER CONCIERGE Your contact at the hotel



January: Newly elected Bureau of the Section BADEN: Josef Volmer, Brenner's Park Hotel, Baden-Baden - mid-April: Munich office is equipped with computer and fax.



Mai: Newly elected board section BERLIN: Gerd Buskies, head porter, Hotel Hilton, Berlin


27.07. - 30.07 .: Conference in Dresden, Kempinski Taschenbergpalais 29.07 .: General Hotel Westin, Bellevue election of a new vice-presidents: Karoly Farkas, Hilton Hotel, Dresden


July: adoption Thilde woman leader as Secretary



29.03 .: 5th anniversary section Sachsen new section leader Karoly Farkas


28.04: Bureau meeting, Pflaums Posthotel, 91257 Pegnitz



March visit President and Treasurer for Congress in Innsbruck / Austria April 50th anniversary of the Golden Key


11:07. - 14:07:02 26th National Congress - General Assembly in Berlin election of the Bureau for 4 years President: David LANGARTNER vice president: Karloy FARKAS Treasurer: Hans J. Benkwitz Referee: Walter Scharf



10:01. - 15:01:03 50th International Congress in Biarritz Mai: Newly elected board section Cologne-Dusseldorf: Thomas MADAUS, Dom Hotel Köln

8:03:03 section head meeting in Brenners Park Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden

New elected section leader in SAXONIA-THURINGIA: Frank Biedermann, Kempinski Taschenbergpalais, Dresden



Mai: Newly elected board members of the section Munich: Christian Netzle, Hotel Königshof Berlin: Joachim Lenk, Hotel Adlon Frankfurt: Franco, BUSETTI, Hotel Continental


27th National Congress in Hamburg in July with re-election for 2 years by the President: Raffaele Sorrentino, Hotel Bayerischer Hof Munich Vice President: Iris crabs, Hotel Atlantic Hamburg



At the 27th National Conference in Hamburg, a training fund was established. The first training took place in 2005. About 30 young colleagues attended our youth training in Berlin.


Redesign of the club magazine "Le Concierge" edition 400 copies - release date every four months - Editorial Ralf Schütz - Layout WSW International - printing processing Butt



The national website will be upgraded - there are two Webmaster meeting place.

53. International Conference in Washington, D.C. USA

New Section Head Baden Württemberg: Lars van Meerwijk, Baden Baden

28th National Conference in Munich from 03.- 06. August. New Vice President: Christian Netzle, new auditor: Joachim Lenk, Walter Scharf separates as an auditor from after 29 years and is an honorary member. Other honorary members: Mr. Dosot (Global Refund), Mr. streets Schmidt (Baden Baden) and Anselm Magl (longtime treasurer). The next National Congress is expected to take place in Baden Baden in 2008.

Chef - Concierges of the leading hotels in Germany in Cologne



54th International Congress in Vienna from 18 to 23 March


Section head meeting in Neu Isenburg



55th International Congress in Copenhagen

29th National Conference in Baden Baden



56th International Congress in Hangzhou, China


2. youth training in Bad Schandau, Saxony


Section head meeting at the Hotel Nassauer Hof, Wiesbaden



57th International Congress in Lisbon, Protugal

30th National Conference in Frankfurt am Main


Newly elected Board:


President: Christian Netzle, Munich


Vice President: Thomas Munko, Berlin


Treasurer: Hans J. Benkwitz, Munich


Referee: Joachim Lenk, Berlin



58th International Congress in Toronto, Canada


3. youth training in Bad Schandau, Saxony together with section head meeting



59th International Congress in London

31 National Conference in Cologne

60 years Golden Key Germany - Gala evening with Christmas in Munich

New elected section leader in SAXONIA-THURINGIA: Steffen Wolf, Hilton Hotel, Dresden



60th International Congress in New Zealand

Cancellation Christian Netzle as president because now passive member

Provisionally accepts his deputy Thomas Munko temporarily the office.

Section head meeting in Bad Saarow, Brandenburg

new members of the Advisory Board: Sascha Domm responsible for social media /

Sebastian Schoenfisch - Webmaster National

new section leaders Hamburg: Simon Bertram


Renaming the concierge Academy in Hans-Muderlak concierge Academy



61. International Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Congress in 2017 will be awarded to Berlin.

32. National Conference in Dresden in August

Newly-elected Bureau:

Thomas Munko, President

Florian Weidenbach, Vice President

Hans J. Benkwitz, Treasurer

Joachim Lenk, auditor


new board member:

Christoph Hundehege, Berlin - Partnership Ambassador



62. International Congress in Mendoza, Argentina

Our new homepage goes online in June.

Section head meeting in the Black Forest in November


33. National Conference in Hamburg in June


64th international congress in Berlin in March