“In Service through Friendship” has been our slogan for decades. To us, friendship means not only being there for one another and regularly engaging in exchange, but also promoting new friends. Hans Muderlak (†2012), long-term Chief Concierge of the Grand Hotel Continental in Munich, did just that.

Hans Muderlak was one of those people who was deeply committed to promoting young professionals in our business, promoting talented people. We would like to thank him and pay tribute to him posthumously for his unfailing commitment. For this reason, we renamed our Concierge Academy, founded in 2004, the Hans Muderlak Concierge Academy in November 2013.

The aim of this Academy is to continue Muderlak’s work and to introduce young people to our profession by giving talks about life as a concierge, offering interesting guided tours of our cities and their special attractions, and hosting seminars on current topics. We focus primarily on topics such as culture, history and general education – as well as passing on our principles and the values associated with them, namely honesty, devotedness, sincerity, cooperativeness and loyalty. 



Hans Muderlak was a porter with all his heart and soul – so all in all, just the perfect concierge. Excellence, absolute discretion and unconditional loyalty to the hotel as well as to his guests were his guiding principles. His special attention and his care were always directed towards the many young colleagues who were entrusted to him during his long professional activity. His credo was always "challenge and support". The professional training of young talents in terms of culture, history and general knowledge was always a priority to him. Morality and ethics were essential foundations of a successful and satisfying life path for him. His deep humanistic spirit, which was based on values ​​such as honesty, loyalty, sincerity, helpfulness and loyalty has not only been taught by Hans Muderlak, but also been lived by him authentically.

After his retirement, Hans Muderlak discovered his passion for tours, trips and seminars for young, aspiring and interested colleagues. He therefore gave specific insights on history and the peculiarities of buildings, monuments and other sights in Munich. As a trained and licensed City Guide, Hans Muderlak was able to draw from a rich and profound wealth of information. The ever-growing interest of young talents encouraged him, to establish the so-called "Munich Concierge Academy" and pass on his wealth of experience to the next and future generations.

One can only advise all colleagues from the other sections, to join the ever-growing network of the Concierge Academy. It is definitely worth it!

The Hans Muderlak honorary membership, that was awarded on December 18, 2012 during our Christmas party at the Kempinski Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten posthumously, is our way of showing appreciation and thanks for his extraordinary effort.

Hans Muderlak has rendered outstanding services to our organization. We bow in gratitude.


Ralf Schütz 
Public Relations