Who is the organization and what is it for?

The Goldene Schlüssel (Golden Keys) were founded in November 1952 in Bad Homburg as a professional association of hotel porters in Germany. Prior to that, in April of the same year, the "Union Internationale des Portiers des Grands Hotels, Les Clefs d'Or" was founded in Cannes, with members from nine countries around the world participating. Today, the organization counts more than 4500 members in 45 different nations.


Our network is consistently cultivated and growing due to our constant meetings and trainings around the world. Our last conference was, for example, in Argentina and we are currently planning a congress in Dubai for 2016 as well as one in Berlin. Our next national congress is taking place in Hamburg in 2016.


Our network of the “Golden Keys” has existed long before we all knew the Internet.